Thursday, October 4, 2012

Increasing Traffic To Your Realty Website With SEO

Your real estate website could already be offering great services and website designs. However, without being correctly optimized for search engines it will most probably end up where very few users will search. Read on to find out the importance of SEO for your realty website.

Traffic is an imperative for any business on the Internet, regardless of their industry. Your realty business is no exception. If your website is invisible to your potential customers, it is obvious that you are losing them to someone else. Your real estate website requires some sprucing so that it is more noticeable to search engines and eventually to your customers. There are various ways to get there, starting from an attractive looking site to adding tools to networking and marketing to SEO and others.

While it is crucial to cover other features and tools, optimizing your website for search engines is one of the most important requirements. Your realty website could already be loaded with great services and offers, but without being optimized for search engines it is bound to end up where very few users will search. You'd be surprised what difference can few SEO tweaks do to your website's traffic.

Text up!

Remember that search engine crawlers oversee images and videos while crawling websites. They might be attractive and informative to visitors who watch them (this way they are helpful). However, to be on top of the search engine ranking, your website's content is what does the work. So, add 'more' relevant and high quality content to your site. Research and use the most popular key phrases and keywords on your pages and articles, blogs and press releases. Use the key phrases and keywords but do not overuse them at the same time. Having more pages with useful information that offers solution to your visitors will automatically raise the quality, and over time, traffic to your site. Writing content is easier and more economical as well.

Articles, blogs and press releases

These are powerful tools via which you can take your message from the confines of your web pages and distribute them across the world wide web. The content of your articles could be general or target specific. The important thing is that they should contain what your potential customers would look for. Blogs have great function as they offer the readers a two way communication. For instance, a reader can add his/her comment regarding the blog or ask questions. Likewise, you can submit press releases to various channels, RSS feeds and websites etc., and get inbound links.

Make use of directories

Submitting your website to various web directories is another way of acquiring inbound links. Unlike search engines, each site listed on a directory is found, quality and relevance checked, and then added to appropriate categories on the directory's database. Search engines such as Google, use the data from directories in their ranking algorithm. Hence, marking a presence on directories can also impact your search engine ranking. Directories that are deemed as high quality may charge for submission of your site, but the benefit you get from being listed on such directory is always worth the fee.

Strike a balance

While making use of texts or attractive graphics or videos improve your website's visibility and appeal on the web, it is advised not to overuse them. For instance, using a keyword repeatedly (in hundreds) on the same page might get your website penalized by search engines as it is not considered a healthy practice. Likewise, overusing images and videos will make your website heavy, requiring more time to load pages, and annoy the visitors. The key is to maintain a proper balance of all the ingredients.

Other general points

Just like any other website, there are some areas worth keeping in mind while creating your realty website. These include your website's title tag, keywords meta tag, description meta tag, title etc. As basic as they may be, using the relevant tags and title are important. If you are doing it yourself, you should possess a fair amount of knowledge and skill in programming, page layout, graphics editing and be creative. If you feel it is too much for one person (which often is), you can hire a reliable realty website designer to get it done for you while you manage your core business. Find one by simply running a search for best realtor web sites on a search engine.

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