Thursday, October 4, 2012

AInvestment in the Realty Market

The property market in India is flourishing at a very rapid pace. Investors are thronging the market to buy commercial and residential property. The realty investment can be divided into ready to move or under construction property.

There are many ready to move property projects in the market wherein residential spaces such as flats, independent houses etc. are available. The commercial spaces that are readily available include business centers and official space. The ready to move property is quite expensive as compared to the under-construction property. The property just launched or under construction is cheaper because the locations of purchase are always under development.

The market is offering many types of properties to be invested. The residential properties that are a lucrative investment include flats, builder-floors, independent floors, independent houses & villas and residential lands. The commercial properties that can be invested to get high returns are shops, showrooms, commercial spaces which are very profitable deals these days.

The metropolitan cities are undergoing massive development with a huge influx of multinational firms. The set up of multinational firms has lead to the large scale infrastructural up-gradation in the cities. The developing infrastructure augments the demand for property in a city. Land is required to set up facilities in a city.

The investment in a realty market was escalating fast before recession phase but in the phase after global recession the count of investors to the market is reportedly descending. The major reason behind the fact is that the investors have lost faith in the builders and developers. This is because even the top builders have not been able to deliver the property possessions on time. Some of the builders have yet not delivered the property possession that is pending for past 3-4 years.

Considering the current market position it is wise to invest or buy a ready property as compared to the just launched or under construction properties. Currently the builders are promising property possessions in 2-3 years time for the just launched projects. The ready properties are at negligible risk of cheating by the builders but yet any property to be purchased should be thoroughly investigated.

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