Thursday, October 4, 2012

Flat Fee MLS Realty Specials Available Online

Are you trying to sell your home right now? Did you know that you can get maximum results if you post your listing on MLS sites? The only problem with something like this is that you can't do it yourself. Usually when dealing with MLS sites you will have an agent that works with you either as a buyer to find a home or a seller to sell a home. But agents can sometimes get expensive and there are recurring fees. So what can you do instead?!? Well one thing I found that really seems to help are these sites called flat fee MLS. Obviously a flat fee means you will pay a fee just one time - never again. These sites will allow you to post your home or property that you have for sale on ALL the major Realtor and Real Estate sites and the for sale by owner sites as well.

This means that more people will be able to see your listing but it also has a certain "professionalism" to it as well. Certainly you would get more people interested if you are on a legit site like an MLS rather than a site like Craigslist and that is the key point behind this. The flat fee is a very small fee and it's really worth its weight in gold if you want to sell your home. No longer will you have to price your home too high to compensate for the pricey listing commissions. You also have full control over the listing - it is yours after all and you did pay for it. You will have full control over the showing of your home to buyers, determining your marketing methods, and competitively pricing your home.

All your pertinent info is on the listing - no one else's - unless you choose so. The flat fee realty websites that you are going to be buying the listing package from can easily and efficiently help you post the perfect ad. In fact, once you obtain the website you want to work with you will simply select the state in which your property or home is located. You will then see the data which will tell you a little bit about the package, how it works and some additional benefits. After you read all this info you will be allowed to purchase the package. After doing so they will then contact their Licensed Broker Affiliates and give them your contact information.

Then, their Licensed Broker Affiliates will email, fax, or mail the forms and information they will need to create your Realtors MLS Listing. This is the same as the MLS that is used by ALL of the Realtors. Once their Licensed Broker Affiliates receive your info, they will do their best to have you LIVE on the Realtors MLS within (2) hours. They will then email, fax, or mail a copy of your Realtors MLS Listing to you for review. Once you okay the listing that's it! You are officially live on hundreds of sites!

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