Thursday, October 4, 2012

3 Costa Rica Real Estate Investment Options You Should Not Overlook

Costa Rica, a dream holiday destination for millions of people worldwide, is experiencing a rise in the realty market's emotion. The already-hot property investment destination is gaining traction as more and more investors are trying to put their dough in the meaty Costa Rica real estate market.

But like any other realty market, some properties in the country give a very good return, while others produce lackluster results, at best. You may not lose your money by blindly investing in any property in the country, but you may lose the chance of earning a very good return. It is, therefore, advisable to wisely choose a property from booming Costa Rica realty market.

3 most-attractive Costa Rica real estate options you should not let go of

Manuel Antonio Real Estate

Manuel Antonio is, perhaps, the most sought-after tourist destination for people coming to the country because of its nearness to Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio (Manuel Antonio National Park). This is the biggest drawer of visitors from abroad, so a property bought in the vicinity of the Manuel Antonio village will fetch high return on investment. In the recent months, demand for investment properties in Manuel Antonio has witnessed a significant surge. Although the national park is the smallest in the country, its biodiversity is second to none. This is an ideal investment destination also because it is not as over-exposed as San José, which has Poás Volcano National Park, the most visited national park in the country, in its vicinity.

Quepos real estate

The reason behind shooting demand for Quepos real estate is its proximity to Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio. It is the closest town to the national park. The small town of Quepos had traditionally been lazy. It was a town of plantation workers, fishermen, and merchants, but the fate of this little town, which is only 7 kilometers from Manuel Antonio, changed when visitors from outside came flocking to the neighboring national park. It is at the time, one of the hottest realty markets in the country.

Costa Rica luxury real estate

Luxury is always sold dear, and Costa Rica is not an exception to this rule. If you can spare money to invest in million-dollar villas then you should look for luxury segment. This segment pays a huge dividend, but its not suitable for those who want to enter, buy, modify, and sale the property in a jiffy. You need to have patience to make a killing in Costa Rica's luxury real estate market. Manuel Antonio is a fertile ground for such properties.

Property market in Costa Rica has grown to this extent also because of the ease with which foreign investors can invest in the country. For an American investor Costa Rica's real estate market offers a fabulous opportunity, and the safest real estate investment in foreign country. When contemplating the investment options, one should never let the above described property investment options go out of sight.

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