Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Few Ways to Boost Your Realty Business

If you are realtor in these economic conditions, you may find it kind of difficult to find clients. People don't seem to be in the mood to buy houses and definitely don't have the money. As with an industry, you may also feel as if there are just too many fish in the pond to compete with. Well, there is good news and bad news. The bad news is that you are correct, the odds are not in anyone's favor to win in the real estate game. The good news is that you can control who the odds get stacked; you just have to do a little work.

As with any business, real estate is all about marketing. Being a realtor requires great marketing skills. Many people are afraid of that word "marketing" but you shouldn't be. It simply means finding the right avenues to attract the right kind of customer. One question you need to answer is, "Where are people going to now to find a realtor?" Or you may also want to put yourself in a buyer's shoes and ask, "Where would I go if I were ready to buy a house?" Whatever you uncover, is where you should begin trying to market. You may find that the answer is a magazine. If so, place an ad in that magazine for your business. If it is a new home community, then pay for billboard space. If you find that the answer is online, then build a website and get optimized for the keywords that people are searching for. Whatever the case may be, try seeking out your potential customer base and you will find a pile of money there.

The next thing you will want to keep in mind is that most business that make lots of money do so because they are in the business of repeat business. That means that they find a customer who will continue to buy products over and over and over again. These kinds of customers are the ones you want because once you get them, you don't have to pay to get them again. A great example of this kind of customer in the real estate market would be a company who is relocating employees. Partner up with a company in town that you know likes to move people to your area. By allowing them to introduce you and your services to their employees, they are giving you the credibility you need to win the customer. In these kinds of cases, 98% of the employee referrals are going to go with you.

Finally, offer a positive and memorable customer service experience. If you are a realtor you are in the customer service business; therefore, you must treat your customers well if you want to keep them. Remember, the customers who buy houses today, are the same ones who will sell tomorrow, and you want them to keep you in mind when they do.

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