Thursday, October 4, 2012

IDX Powered Realty Website Giving You an Edge

If you plan to get a website designed for promoting your real estate business, ensure that it is powered by IDX technology. It could be a difference between you and your competitors, so make sure it is there. It will provide an added advantage to the users as well.

If you've recently got a real estate website designed, find out with your developers whether they've put the IDX on it. IDX or Internet Data Exchange is a technology that will enable visitors on your website see the listings from a Multiple Listing Services (MLSs). This increases the options before the prospective clients manifold as they can search from listings available in an extensive database.

If you want to make your site actually useful for the end users, it is essential that you put up the IDX on it. In fact, you need not tell a competent web developer to rope in the technology. Any developer, who has some experience in developing the realty websites, will know that such a website just won't work sans the IDX. It connects your website to the database of your local real estate board, enhancing its value a lot.

Ask your developer to provide integrated IDX solution that will provide you the ability to have more control over the search. The system produces 'IDX snippets' onto pages, displaying property listings relevant to the page. For instance, if the user wants to search for properties over $1million on a luxury property page, the system will provide for it. These listings are not available either through search engines such as Google and Bing, or real estate portals such Zillow and Trulia. People can access these listings only when they visit a website.

IDX is as much useful for website owners as for the users. It enables the brokers display extensive listings even if they have no listings of their own. An IDX-powered realty website helps them to present themselves as a seasoned player and engage the visitors to garner a deal. For emerging real estate brokers, this is a big advantage.

When working on IDX integration with a website, the developers aggregate the MLS data, organize it, and streamline it to appear on the clients' websites. They also supplement the IDX with an efficient lead capture and management system. Using the system, the clients can harvest the contact information of the interested visitors, communicate with these prospective buyers, discuss with them the listings of interest, convince them about their service, thus trying to convert the lead into a sale.

The system will provide for the clients to turn on / off MLS lead capture form for extra leads. It will also enable them to upload information about real estate using the panel interface. If your local MLS coverage is fast and reliable, you will be able to benefit from better conversion prospects. As for IDX integration, choose a developer that has considerable experience of developing realty websites. They will put up a robust code that will deal with any issues that come up and ensure flawless listing display. At the same time, they will provide competitive prices.

In fact, all best realtor web sites are backed with IDX technology. Sans it, a realty website loses ground to better equipped competitors. So why lose business that you can capture with an IDX powered website. Work with your designer to ensure that.

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